Rare Eberhard Faber Taktik-Etui Nr. 542 with rare pouch



Very rare and extremely scarce Eberhard Faber Taktik-Etui Nr. 542 in excellent condition. The pouch features all 4 coloured (yellow, red, blue & black) propelling pencils which are all undamaged and complete with their fillings inside! The pouch also contains its original tube for spare fillings. The pouch still contains its original “Marschleistungen” measurement tool which is virtually always missing from these sets. These sets were privately purchased from the manufacturer Eberhard Faber which designed this set together with some other products (such as the Krokierstifte) in a line with products designed for usage within the Wehrmacht (Spezial-Erzeugnisse für die Wehrmacht). This is a very rare type of pouch which is designed to be attached to a button on the uniform and can not be worn on the belt! The pouch is manufactured from high quality brown coloured leather. Extremely rare set which are very collectible but very hard to encounter, especially in this condition! This is the first set with this rare type of pouch i’ve had the pleasure to offer!

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