Stunning woodwork ET64 M35 Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet found in Hoek van Holland


A stunning woodwork ET64 M35 Kriegsmarine camouflage helmet found in the Batterie Vineta, Hoek van Holland. The helmet was picked up by a boy right after the war and has only been in one collection ever since. The helmet is in great condition with over 90% of the tan camouflage paint remaining. The original ET Kriegsmarine decal is still 100%, partially obscured by green camouflage paint. The decal has the thin black border around the eagle and the swastika has a strong, deep golden tint as would be expected of a Kriegsmarine decal. The tricolor decal has been removed, as per regulation in 1940. The back skirt is nicely named to Hernez on top of the lot number 4936. The helmet is a great example of a Coastal Artillery camouflage helmet and it would be very hard to upgrade. Especially with the provenance of the helmet being picked up from a certain (and famous) Coastal Artillery Battery Vineta in Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands. This helmet would be a prime piece in any coastal artillery collector!

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