Stunning original M40 Heer chickenwire in three-tone ‘Normandy’ camouflage

Simply the best chickenwire helmet I’ve had to offer! A truly spectacular example of a Heer single decal M40 helmet marked ET64 with a wartime added half basket chickenwire cover overpainted in three-tone Normandy camouflage. The chickenwire is the typical wartime used type as used to camouflage bunkers and positions. The chickenwire was period applied and has never been removed from the helmet. The chickenwire was over sprayed and retains tan, green and red paint vividly. Underneath the chickenwire retains 75 years of dust and patina; the helmet is a untouched and uncleaned example. The camouflage paint is vibrant and in good condition with loads of patina all over. Closeups of the paint show lots of cracks and patina. The helmet retains its factory fitted liner and period attached chinstrap which have always been with the helmet. The helmet is named Gefr. Striewe in the skirt of the helmet. This is simply the best helmet I’ve found in the last 10 years and would be a prime piece in any helmet collection – surely a one looker original and véry hard to upgrade.

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