Stunning field blouse for a Oberleutnant der Panzergrenadiere


Stunning untouched field blouse for a Oberleutnant der Panzergrenadiere. The garment retains its full wartime sewn insignia, a set of loops for a ribbon bar and three sets of period sewn award loops. The breast eagle is a nice embroided example which is wartime sewn to the tunic. The shoulderboards are typical Panzergrenadiere piped examples. The collar tabs started their life as Infanterie collar tabs which have had the Waffenfarbe period changed to Panzergrenadier green. These collar tabs are also wartime sewn to the garment. All insignia and sewing shows a coherent patina with a nice amount of character. The garment is a nice medium size and would nicely display on a combat mannequin!

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