Stunning converted EM M36 field blouse for a Leutnant in 3./IR.18 Luxembourg/Belgium/France


Stunning Heer M36 tunic with period hand sewn insignia for a Leutnant der Infanterie Regiment 18 – 6. Infanteriedivision. The garment is in very good condition retaining most if not all of the nap in the wool. The garment is a period converted EM tunic which most probably makes this a field tunic. The garment is nicely unit marked to Infanterie Regiment 18 inside the garment – matching with the shoulder boards. The back of the tunic has a discolourisation of indirect sunlight. The garment is a perfect garment for a 1940 display sporting shoulder boards and markings for Infanterie Regiment 18 – a unit which fought hard in the 1940 campaign in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Later in June 1941 Infanterie regiment 18 marched into the east taking part of the battles at Witebsk, Rshev, Smolensk, Orel, Kursk. Later IR18 (now renamed into Grenadier Regiment 18) was surrounded and destroyed by the Russian offensive of June 1944.

Very hard to find a historic tunic like this, it would be a very nice base for a combat mannequin!

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