Soldbuch grouping Flak Regiment Hermann Goering – Normandy, Falaise, Caen


This is a stunning Soldbuch grouping from 4. Flakersatzabteilung 6. member Heinrich Janssen (born in Düsseldorf), who was among other units in 1942 part of Flak-Regiment Hermann Göring! The Soldbuch grouping also comes with his photo album and dress bayonet.

Unteroffizier Janssen served with several interesting Flak units during the war such as Flak-Regiment Hermann Göring in 1942. The last of those was the II./Flak Regiment 22 which was later renamed II./Flak-Sturm-Regiment 22(mot). He served with the 8. Batterie, which was equipped with 8,8cm Flak guns and was fully motorized. This regiment was subordinate to the Flak-Sturm-Regiment 3 which was part of the III Flakkorps under the command of Pickert. It was deployed between Amiens and Arras in France before the D-Day landings in Normandy. After the landings the unit was sent to Normandy in a hurry arriving a few days later. They where deployed between the Orne and Vire rivers, supporting the ground units and engaging the Allied airforce. And at the end of the Normandy fightings the III Flakkorps provided a significant role in covering the withdrawal of the German forces in the Falaise gap. The unit later retreated to northern France. Unteroffizier Janssen must have seen quite some action in Normandy. The Soldbuch lists the following awards; Verwundetenabzeichenn in Schwarz on 12.9.44 and Eisernez Kreuz 1 and 2 14.9.44. He was severely wounded as he was hospitalized in Hersfeld which is also photographed in the album. A great Soldbuch group to a Normandy veteran who for sure saw heavy action!

The grouping comes with a nice album with 87 photographs with many private shots of 8,8cm flak guns and the famous Sdkfz. 9 Famo halftrack. A great group that would be a great base for further research!

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