SE66 M35 single decal Kriegsmarine helmet in seagreen camouflage


Stunning factory single decal M35 Kriegsmarine seagreen camouflage helmet. Nicely marked SE66 indicating production by Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke A.G. The lot number is 49## which is a typical range for a M35 SD KM. The helmet still retains its original chinstrap which is nicely Kriegsmarine marked and dated. The seagreen paint still covers up to 90% of the helmet and still retains its vibrant minty colour. The Kriegsmarine decal is partially painted over and nicely shows through the camouflage paint. Strong golden tones can be seen – surely not a Heer decal! Factory single decal M35 helmets are rare to find, specially Kriegsmarine and especially in such a nice seagreen camouflage paint! Can’t be upgraded.

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