Reference book for German canteens by Giancarlo Persic

Bevevano E Mangiavano by my friend Giancarlo Persic is the best reference book for German wartime canteens and messkits. My friend Giancarlo is a lifetime collector who specializes in the M31 and M42 canteens and messkits. This book is a great reference with many if not all German canteen and messkit variants. He clearly shows side by side photographs for the smallest details that are hardly noticable but obnoxiously interesting for some die-hard collectors such as myself. Some of the canteens from my collection have been featured in the book and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this reference to my customers. I warmly recommend any specialized equipment collector this book; not just because of the vast amount of pictures but also for the background information that really makes it stand out to other reference works. The book is a sealed paperback in the English language with 332 pages and a vast amount of pictures surely to soothe the need of any novice or advanced collector looking to expand his or her library! Needless to say; this is a must have for any equipment collector!

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