Rare late Waffen-SS Erbsentarn pattern Panzer trousers


Extremely scarce original Waffen-SS Panzer crew member trousers in Erbsentarn camouflage fabric. The trousers are in very good, IMO lightly worn condition. The garment retains all but one factory sewn buttons. The garment was discovered in a cloth recycling factory in my hometown.There is a small period handsewn repair to the bottom of both legs. Both leg tie straps are there as is the internal belt and the inside pockets. The trousers are in a good, medium to large size fitting most modern sized mannequins. The garment is not visibly marked which probably washed out with the time. The garment is made from three types of camouflage fabric being Erbsentarn straight and reverse printed HBT and smooth Erbsentarn camouflage fabric. The garment retains a number of different thread colours all over. The button holes are typical for the garment. The wearer at some point removed the internal waist belt buckle by sewing a button to the waist. This could easily be restored yet the garment is untouched and was worn as is. The garment was worn and washed during its service hence it’s pockets retain a light blue hue inside. Otherwise the colours are vibrant and exactly how they should be. A rare opportunity to purchase real Waffen-SS camouflage Panzer trousers in Erbsentarn camouflage fabric!

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