Rare(!) orange bakelite canteen cup F7/K

Incredibly rare original orange bakelite canteen cup. This is a rare opportunity to buy original orange bakelite canteen cup. This example was certainly MPD code marked just like the other examples but the markings are completely faded because of the time in the ground. The MPD code F7/K which was once present indicates production by a still unknown maker and the usage of urea resin (which is a certain type of Bakelite) with an organic filler material. The bakelite surface is affected by the time in the ground and thereby lost its smooth surface and its marking. The cup only has some minor discolorations which could probably be cleaned some more. Beautiful original and very rare example!

This cup was found in Berlin recently together with 12 complete and 5 damaged cups. They were dug up underneath remnants of a concrete floor together with other canteen cups and butterdishes. In 15 years of collecting I’ve only found one example for my personal collection: this is only the second time I’ve been able to acquire one. I have kept 3 cups for my personal collection, other then these there are no other orange cups on the market that I am aware of. Rarer then most Knights Crosses: this is probably the rarest item I have had for sale in the 5 years that fjm44.com has been online!

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