Rare late war Oak leaf camouflage smock


Rare original Waffen-SS camouflage smock in Oak leaf or Eichenlaubmuster in good used condition marked 329 in the left spring pocket flap. The smock is probably the last model of camouflage smock to be developed for the Waffen-SS. These smocks where made from a narrower bolt of material as used on the ‘4-Panel’ Zeltbahns constructed with separately sewn corners. The material used is very thin, if you hold it against the light you can look through it which reflects the late war ‘quality’ the Waffen-SS was dressed with. These smocks where most probably made between 1944 and 1945. The condition of the smock is with wear; there are a few small damages and some of the stitching is damaged. The smock retains the full original tunneled elastic but is no longer functional. I have seen a couple of mint examples of these smocks; but this is the first actually worn example I’ve seen. If you’re after a rare Waffen-SS combat worn Eichenlaubmuster camouflage smock; this is it!

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