Rare Kriegsmarine issue communications gasmask 6. Schnellbootflotille


Superb and rare Kriegsmarine issue gasmask named multiple times and unit ID’ed with Feldpostnummer 12460. The canister is in good condition with 85% of its factory paint and with its original Kriegsmarine marked straps. The Gasmask is a nice early Kriegsmarine issue communications gasmask in good condition. The mask is named to Siess with navy Feldpostnummer 12460 indicating the following units.

(Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) Schnellbootsbegleitschiff “Tanga”
(15.9.1940-31.1.1941) 2. Schnellboots-Flottille Begleitschiff
(1.2.1941-11.7.1941) 6. Schnellboots-Flottille Begleitschiff
(27.1.1942-14.7.1942) FĂĽhrerschiff “Tanga”
(25.1.1943-31.7.1943) Schnellbootsschulflottille Begleitschiff
(24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 5.4.1944 Schnellboots-Begleitschiff “Tanga”.

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