Rare EU deactivated MP43 marked qlv / cos

Original EU-Deactivated MP43 assault gun, deactivated to the current eu specifications, legal to own within the European Union; a piece from my personal collection!

Rare EU deactivated MP43 marked qlv / cos indicating production by AYF or Erma. The MP43 is the model produced before the MP44 and STG-44. The MP43 is a typical late war product with several parts manufactured in the Merze Werke and the Erma Werke. This is a typical late war feature and it results in the typical multi tone finish on the MP43. Hence the different finishes on the gun which are typical for a late piece like this. The MP43 has no moving parts except for the action cover, fire select switch and its safety. It comes with its original leather sling. A nice and rare to find piece that would be very hard to replace!

Please note;  payment through PayPal is not possible for this item. Please check your local laws prior to purchasing. I can ship within the Netherlands only but personal pickup is preferred! 

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