Rare Dutch “VerBliFa” made M42 canteen

Beautiful and very rare canteen made by the Dutch company VerBliFa (De Vereenigde Blikfabrieken) during the German occupation. The canteen is in used but still good condition and isn’t damaged in any way! VerBliFa¬†(De Vereenigde Blikfabrieken) was the main manufacturer of the Dutch pre 1940 army mess kits, canteens and other stuff, these items were made in the exact same way. Stamped sheet metal and then tinned! Most of the examples are found in The Netherlands as well. The canteen cup is missing a lot of its shiny silver coloured finish. The canteen and cup are both unmarked which is often the case with these Dutch produced canteens. Maybe one of the rarest variant of the M42 canteen there is, and for sure one of the best canteens I have ever offered!

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