Rare coastal artillery wooden box for Vorrat und Zubehör Gasanzeiger (Fest)


Scarce wooden box for spare components for Vorrat und Zubehör Gasanzeiger (Fest). It once housed inside a fortress at the Festungs Zeugmeisterei.The box retains most of its original finish, text and canvas carrying sling. The sliding lid uncovers the top section of the kit which contains six compartments of 100 detector tubes each. The door for the bottom section is hinged at the bottom of the kit and is opened by a metal fastener which is held in position when the top lid is in place. This bottom section of the kit contains two receptacles for used detector tubes, the connecting hoses for the Festung Gasanzeiger detector set, replacement charcoal cartridges for the exhaust circuits of the set, rubber seats for the detector tubes and an electric cord for a power connection. I have had one or two original Gasanzeiger with its original metal carrying harness, but I’ve never seen the large Vorratskasten and I doubt I’ll ever find another one. This is a must have for a coastal artillery collector!

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm