Rare allied D-Day map set ‘Invade Mecum’


Rare allied D-Day map set ‘Invade Mecum’. This set was issued to platoon commanders and contained an intricate set of maps of Normandy. Next to the maps are a set of intelligence manuals containing area information including detailed maps which show terrain, roads, buildings and their specific use. An officer’s set of military intelligence manuals for Normandy and Pas de Calais, distributed for the D-Day landings and compiled by the British Directorate of Military Survey, with maps and details of the towns, roads, industries and railways, sourced from both resistance information and from standard French mapping. These guides provided essential information for any unit moving through the countryside, the text and maps give copious details of each town and village. The efficiency and completeness of these manuals demonstrate the state and extent of the preparedness of the Allies for the Invasion of Europe. Volumes 1,2 and 5, (not present here), covered Brittany and other regions of France. These sets were issued to both Officers, and Platoon Commanders. A very rare set which would compliment any D-Day related collection!

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