Q64 M35 double decal helmet named Major V. Eberlein


Textbook M35 double decal helmet marked Q64 indicating production by Quist. The helmet is a typical example retaining up to 85% of its factory paint and decals. The decals have some paint spots on them but are otherwise in very good condition.

The helmet is named in the front of the visor to Major von Eberlein. I have researched this name quite a bit; but I can only find one other Von Eberlein who was a Major and later promoted to Oberstleutnant; August Ritter von Eberlein who was a DKIG wearer. Now; it could well be another von Eberlein, but as the name is quite rare and with the combination I can not find another Major I presume the chance is quite good it could be, his helmet!

More information; https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=129751

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