Minty M41 Heer tunic with factory sewn insignia


A stunning Heer M41 EM Feldbluse in unissued condition. The green Einheitslitzen are period factory sewn to the collar. The breast eagle is period factory machine sewn on the top, flipped and finished by machine. The picture coming after the breast eagle shot shows the stitch line, underneath the lining. The insignia are all wartime factory machine sewn and it does not show any signs of moved, replaced or restored insignia or stitch holes. The garment was most probably kept for walking out and has only one modification that is that two seams at the back waist have been taken out to make some more room in the waist. This was most probably done because the soldier became well-fed. The garment retains up to 99% of the wool fluff. One button on the shoulder is replaced. This is really a stunning and textbook EM M41 tunic in near mint condition that would be very hard to upgrade!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm