MG34 barrel carrier marked beq 1943

When firing the MG34 and MG42 continuously the German soldiers where presented with a harsh and difficult task: changing the barrel. The MG34 and MG42 where both made with a quick-change barrel and to help in the changing of the barrel these gloves where invented and issued. These gloves where issued with the accessories of the MG34 and MG42. It is simply used by placing the hand under the strap and using the pad to cover your hand when you grab the hot, sometimes even glowing barrel. The barrel is then placed in the Laufschützer or barrel carrier to cool down and a cool new barrel is inserted. According to regulations, the barrel had to be changed after 150 rounds fired continuously. Every MG team had one or two spare barrels in spare barrel carriers with their field equipment. The MG34 barrel carrier is in very good condition with 95% of the original tan colour remaining. The carrier was once overpainted in blue grey over the original tan factory paint. The carrier is nicely marked beq 1943 indicating production by Framo-Werke G.m.b.H., Hainichen/Sachsen. The carrier is complete with its original LUX marked strap and in very good condition. One of the rarest spares to find for the MG34!

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