M36 Heer tunic for a artillery Hauptfeldwebel Spiess


Stunning M36 field blouse for a Spiess in a Artillerieabteilung. Nicely tailored M36 tunic with fully originally sewn insignia. On the right breast pocket are 4 added double loops for awards and one for a ribbon bar on top. The tunic is a nice medium size and has a small name tag to H. Lanzenberger. The tunic has a nice lighty worn appeal that would nicely compliment any collection. The nap in the wool retains nearly fully except for some of the rough edges of the pockets. The tunic has a set of sewn in and modified M40 shoulderstraps for a Hauptfeldwebel der Artillerie. On the bottom of both sleeves two long bands of Tresse are sewn indicating the Hauptfeldwebel was also the Spiess of the Kompanie. A very rare tunic in great condition that is a stunning display piece for medal bars and awards!

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