M36 Heer tunic for a artillery Hauptfeldwebel Spiess Infanterie Regiment 66


Stunning M36 field blouse for a Spiess in Infanterie Regiment 66. Nicely tailored M36 tunic with fully originally sewn insignia. The tunic is a nice medium sizeThe tunic has a nice lighty worn appeal that would nicely compliment any collection. The nap in the wool retains nearly fully except for some of the rough edges of the pockets. The tunic has a set of early pointed style M35 shoulderstraps for a Hauptfeldwebel der Infanterie Regiment 66. On the bottom of both sleeves two long bands of Tresse are sewn indicating the Hauptfeldwebel was also the Spiess of the Kompanie. Infanterie Regiment 66 was active early in the war and had its first actions on May 14th 1940 when they crossed the border and reached Ettelbruck in Luxembourg. After that IR66 pushed through to France and took part of the battles around Somme, Peronne and Dunkirk. IR66 was later renamed to Schützen Regiment 66, Panzergrenadier Regiment 66 and in the end Panzergrenadier Regiment Feldherrnhalle. The blouse would be a centre piece for any 1940 display!

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