Luftwaffe Double decal M35 bringback from Col. L.A. Zimmer


A nice big ET66 M35 double decal helmet in very good used condition. The helmet is marked ET66 indicating prodution by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet is one of the earliest Luftwaffe M35 helmets having a non reinforced first pattern Schuberth 1931 dated leather liner. Both of the early decals are present including the early “droop tail” Luftwaffe decal. One of the rivets is a wartime replacement. Inside the neck of the helmet a small piece of tape is applied with a handwritten text;

Property of LT. Col. L.A. Zimmer

Lieutenant Colonel Layton Allen Zimmer served in the Navy in world war one, and later in world war two served in North Africa and Europe. As a first lieutenant he was stationed in Hawaii on a coastal artillery battery between the wars and most probably during the Pearl Harbor raid.

The helmet is one of the first production run M35’s for the Luftwaffe and has the rare first model liner. The paint on the helmet still retains up to 85% and especially for the date is still in very good condition!

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