Late pattern MG42 ammunition box carrying bags


Incredibly scarce set of two ammunition carrying bags for the MG34 and MG42 ammunition boxes. Manufactured from late war material same as used for MP44 pouches and reinforced with Presstoff. These carrying bags where designed to carry a set of two ammunition boxes. Two cells made out of canvas with a H shaped harness in between. There are roughly two different types of these pouches produced, one is with releasable and one is with fixed straps/harness. The straps are stitched onto the pouches with a piece of Presstoff reinforcement on the inside. These pouches are the second type, with permanently affixed straps. Nicely RBNr marked inside. These sets where mostly used by Fallschirmjäger and Waffen-SS troops later in the war. These bags are incredibly scarce and the first and only set I’ve ever encountered. Can’t be upgraded!

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