Stunning grouping to Generalleutnant Heinrich Nickel


Extensive grouping to Generalleutnant Heinrich Nickel. The grouping is a vast collection of over 100 maps, photographs and personal memorabilia to his wartime experiences. The grouping has a large number of maps which most were drawn into by Nickel with dates, tactical and unit markings. There are maps from world war one, when he served as a Leutnant. There are a large number of maps of the 1940 campaign and the eastern front, which are mostly drawn into with dates, tactical and unit markings. This is a true goldmine for a historian or collector; these maps are a testimony to the battles fought and a direct source for detailed information.

Next to the maps there are two personal kit boxes, a number of unit made ashtrays with interesting motives, his first ánd second world war Erkennungsmarke, his double claw belt and a map containing a large number of mostly unpublished photographs.

This is a great grouping for any serious collector or historian and would be very hard to upgrade!

Please note; shipping outside Europe should be considered expensive; it would take several boxes and most probably cost 250 euro and will be charged after. Pickup is preferred, can be delivered to most BENELUX militaria fairs.

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