Late war FF33 Field telephone marked prx 1944 and “Ark”

Interesting 1944 dated ff33 field phone which features steel hardware finished with unusual mat green and  paint. The FF33 is marked prx 1944 which indicates production by Heliowatt Elektrizitäts AG, Werk Schweidnitz/Schlesien. It is also features an white coloured ink stamp “ark” which is an abbreviation for Arktisch which indicates the field telephone is designed so it can be used arctic climates. The overall design of the field phone is a late war variant, unusual paint and bakelite connection points for outgoing lines which were pre 1944 still made out of metal. A truly rare late war field phone in used but good condition!

Note: The field phone appears to be in good shape and is complete with all the necessary parts to use it including the battery box which is mostly broken or missing. I have not opened or tested the field phone!

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