Excellent MG42 Lafette marked fsu 1942


Fully functional MG42 sustained fire tripod or Lafette, used for direct and indirect fire. The Lafette is a textbook wartime produced example using wartime parts. It’s a early variant marked fsu 1942 indicating production by Excelsior Fahrrad und Motorradwerk, Brandenburg. The Lafette was reissued post war in the Austrian army but still retains most if not all of its wartime components. The Lafette has been repainted; but a quick scratch test reveals that most probably you can reveal most of the original paint that’s still underneath! If you look at the second and third picture you can see what a piece of wood or plastic can do; you can easily clean off the post war paint without much hassle. A really easy restoration! The Lafette retains its original markings, the original Uberschiesstabel and a very low serial of 349 which is 13 numbers away from the earliest found example. This is a great example that would be a great base to clean to reveal its original finish; which is a rare feature to any Lafette!

PLEASE NOTE THAT ADDITIONAL POSTAGE FEES WILL BE CHARGED AFTER ORDERING due to the heavy weight. This will probably be an extra 50 euro for Europe, and 200 for outside of Europe. Pickup in our warehouse in Tampere, Finland is possible.

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