ET71 single decal M38 paratrooper helmet in FJR6 camouflage pattern

Stunning and textbook M38 paratrooper or Fallschirmjäger helmet in the tell-tale sawdust two-tone camouflage pattern as used with the 6. Falschirmjäger Regiment. The helmet is marked ET71 indicating production by Eisenhuttenwerke Thale with its factory placed size 60 liner with period attached chinstraps and its original bolts. The helmet was factory finished in feldgrau with a single decal which can still be seen underneath the paint. The helmet was camouflaged between April and June 1944 together with most of the regiments helmet which were all camouflaged in one batch. The helmet retains 90% of its wartime applied factory paint. The helmets liner is named to the partly readable Hau****** Flint and is marked Russland, Normandie and Holland indicating the original wearer of the helmet was a veteran of these campaigns. The 6. Fallschirmjäger Regiment was one of the most well known German paratrooper units during the war being stationed as a defensive force in Normandy prior to the invasion, fighting the 101st Airborne division, to retreat through Carentan, fighting around Geel, along Hells Highway during Market Garden, Woensdrecht and Hoogerheide and the Parachute drop during the Ardennes offensive. The helmet was originally found in the Netherlands and is a textbook and excellent example of a FJR6 camouflage helmet that would be very hard to upgrade and I wouldn’t mind to keep for my personal collection!

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