German Cross in Silver – Heavy C.F. Zimmermann


Textbook Silver German Cross or Deutsches Kreuz in Silber manufactured by C.F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim. This is a very early Deutsches Kreuz in Silver by Zimmermann, marked without any maker’s identification beneath the pin or clasp known as a ‘heavy’ variant. It remains in superb condition, exhibiting minimal wear on the swastika and wreath. The reverse side displays a typical patina, and the cross is entirely untouched, retaining its original state. This early example is of great interest due to its characteristic Zimmermann components, such as the directly soldered catch, faint indications of the typical 11 o’clock flaw, and a distinct date design. It was acquired by a British soldier and is part of his wartime souvenirs, including his identification tags. Most of the weighty early DKiS examples are usually attributed to Godet or Deschler. This variant is exceptionally rare and of exceptionally high quality, making it a true premium item!

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