Rare Litzmannstadt made A-frame

Excellent unissued A-frame or A-rahmen complete with intact leather straps that never have been removed or repaired. This A-frame is most likely made in the Ghetto of Lodz, Poland which the Germans renamed into “Litzmannstadt”. They are made using parts of captured British equipment items. These British equipment items where left in 1940 when the (BEF) British Expeditionary Force evacuated to the United Kingdom. The Germans sent this British equipment to Litzmannstadt for recycling and a lot of work was put in disassembling every British equipment piece and recycling the individual parts into German army equipment. Y-straps, breadbags, A-frames and rucksacks are a few of the items made in Litzmannstadt. This A-frame is a beautiful example of the equipment that was most likely made in Litzmannstadt. The A-frame is in stone mint condition and shows a lot of interesting British features and details into the construction. This is one of the best Litzmannstadt made A-frame I have ever seen and had the pleasure to offer and is impossible to upgrade!

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