Published Cased Knights Cross of the iron cross by Juncker


Scarce and unique Juncker made knights cross or Ritterkreuz in its original issue case. The cross is a textbook example featured on page 229 Dietrich Maerz’s book; The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross (9780979796906). The cross is unique as it’s the only known cross marked L/13.

The cross comes with its textbook original cardboard case in which the cross and its ribbon fit perfectly. The case is complete with its original functional closing latch and a near mint outer finish that has been well preserved. The case comes with its original, folded ribbon that in my opinion never was unrolled.

The Knights cross has a typical Juncker frame and loop with all the ‘Juncker signs‘ present. The core also came form a known Juncker die with the 1813 date being double stamped, slightly changing its thickness. Most of the black paint is still present and only slight dark red spotting has developed over the years. Given that no other Meybauer(L/13) knight crosses are known and both Meybauer and Juncker are Berlin makers this piece was mostlily bought by Meybauer for reselling purposes. This was done by many makers and a fast amount of different products meant for resell are categorised over the last couple years. As of yet still the only known period L/13 marked Juncker produced knights cross making this a unique piece!

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