Battledress with period sewn 7th Armoured Division Royal Signals insignia


Canadian battledress, as worn by a British soldier serving in the Corps of Royal Signals in the 7th Armoured Division. The jacket is in good, worn condition with wartime sewn insignia. The insignia consist of the flashes of the Corps of Royal Signals and the insignia for the 7th Armoured Division. Army Council Instruction 1207 dated 9.9.44 changed the wording from Royal Corps of Signals to Royal Signals which indicates the sewing of the insignia in September 1944 earliest.
Most probably this garment was worn by a radio operator or despatch rider.  The Canadian Battledresses were often worn by British troops as its quality wool was preferred over the British wool. The Battledress is a nice size 10 and would be hard to upgrade. Unlike many Battledresses on the market; this one shows character and actual field wear which would be very hard to upgrade!

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