Battledamaged CKL68 M38 paratrooper helmet


Battledamaged M38 Fallschirmjäger or paratrooper helmet with liner. The helmet is marked CKL68 in the back indicating prodution by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet is a late war Fallschirmjäger helmet that was shot through by rifle calibre. The shot went through the helmet, wounding the soldier staining the liner with blood. The helmet was taken home after the war and kept as a souvenir. The liner has the typical rubber padding with the typical rubber smell. This also has been pierced by the bullet. It was clear coated at one point but has been cleaned externally. The helmet bears no decal which is typical for these late war Fallschirmjäger helmets. The helmet has two different sets of bolts which is a typical detail for these late war Fallschirmjäger helmets.
The helmet is in good used condition and still retains a small portion of its original paint. Hard to find battle damaged original Fallschirmjäger helmet!

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