Stunning Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Kriegsberichter album with Galland and Molders


Stunning photo album made by a unknown Kriegsberichter with 55 17,6 x 11,6cm large photographs depicting the Battle of Britain and the summer of 1940 in France. A number of photographs where shot around the German airbase in D’Audembert, south of Calais which was famous for housing Werner Molders and Adolf Galland. The album shows a number of Kriegsberichter and a grave of Kriegsberichter Man, KIA at Calais 2.9.1940. The album contains 55 original large format photographs. Some are known, but most are unpublished. Judging by the quality and size I believe these shots where all made by a professional Kriegsberichter and that this album was his personal example. The album is a stunning example with a lot of highly decorated Fighter Luftwaffe Aces such as Werner Molders and Adolf Galland. Personalities as Adolf Hitler, photos of aircraft, airbases, burning and crashing aircraft, the white cliffs of dover and many other interesting photos. This is for súre the best album I’ve ever had the chance to offer.

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