Two tone Camouflaged gasmask ID’ed Normandy KIA


A very nice original camouflage gasmask canister Id’ed to Hans Voggenreiter who was born 7-11-1925 and killed in action on 28-6-1944 in Normandy. Hans Voggenreiter was a Gefreiter in Grenadier Regiment 957. Hans Voggenreiter is buried in Orglandes, Normandy. The exact location on the burial site is: Block 15 Row 3 Grave 99.

This unit saw heavy action in Normandy and was destroyed in the Falaise pocket. The exterior of the canister still sees around 80% of its original camouflage paint with bright colours. The Canister is a nice one looker original and has some very nice Normandy provenance. The Feldpost number refers to the following units, but most importantly the latter Reserve-Grenadier-Bataillon 468 which is the replacement battalion of the 363 Infanterie Division which was destroyed in the Falaise gap

Feldpost Number :
(28.4.1940-14.9.1940) 2. Flughafen-Betriebs-Kompanie Stuka-Geschwader186,
(27.1.1942-14.7.1942) gestrichen,
(15.7.1942-24.1.1943) Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Reserve-Infanterie-Bataillon 468,
(1.8.1943-23.3.1944) 3.7.1944 Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Reserve-Grenadier-Bataillon 468,
(24.3.1944-6.11.1944) 30.6.1944 gestrichen

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