Super early ET66 M35 camouflage helmet with 1931 dated liner


A uncommon early M35. The helmet has its original early Schuberth liner dated 1931 which where produced in a production of 2000 pieces for testing in the Reichswehr. The helmet has a 1935 dated chinstrap with a carabiner hook. The helmet has a typical early hand rolled rim. The helmet fully retains its original paint consisting of three separate layers; Apple green, Rautarn and three tone spray paint. Inside the helmet is named Uffz(Unteroffizier) Zim. Due to the rough overpaint of the helmet inside the helmet I can not make out any lot numbers but the shell is a early ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The helmet is a 66 shell and a 58 liner. My favorite thing about this helmet is that it is super early, but kept in use until the end and is still around today. Stunning colours in hand and very hard to upgrade!

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