Stunning unit marked early Heer belt and buckle R. Sieper & Sohne 1936


A stunning belt and buckle set which are both unit marked 8./J.R.42 indicating this belt and buckle was issued to a soldier in 8. Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 42. The belt is nicely marked Kern. Kläger & Co., Neu-ulm 1936. The belt is supple and still in its natural brown colour and has not been polished. The belt is a nice large size 102 cm. The buckle still retains up to 90% of its original green paint and is nicely marked R. Sieper & Sohne Lüdenscheid 1936. These early undyed, unit marked belts with matching unit marked buckles with original paint are very scarce and as such I would grade this belt very hard to upgrade. If you are looking for a pre 1940 buckle and belt set this it it!

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