Stunning salty grouping to a Leutnant in a Nachschub unit


A stunning salty grouping to a Leutnant in a Nachschub unit. Read the full description to see what is in this exciting grouping that was found in Belgium with as a centre piece a period converted EM Drillich tunic!

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A stunning salty grouping to a Leutnant in a Nachschub unit. This grouping was found in a old hospital near Antwerp, Belgium approximately 30 years ago. The grouping once belonged to a Lieutenant or Leutnant in a Nachschub unit and consists of the following items:

– A Drillich EM tunic that was converted with a dark collar and added pleats to the pockets. This tunic has all the originally applied insignia including the EM breast eagle that is still underneath the private purchase silver breast eagle.
– A pair of private purchase officers riding boots
– A pair of riding breeches in Steingrau color
– A Zweidorn koppel or officers equipment belt
– A private purchase pair of binoculars with compass in the case cover
– A p.08 Luger holster with takedown tool

All the items are in a very nice and salty condition. The grouping was probably left behind during the swift retreat through Belgium to the Dutch border in the autumn of 1944. The jacket is still combat stained and all of the items show a similar degree of wear. It is rare to encounter a grouping like this, especially in this uncleaned condition!