Stunning double decal M35 Kriegsmarine helmet


This helmet was found about a month ago when my friend was demolishing a building in Norway. To put it in his words literally ” I tore down the attic and this thing came rolling out “.
The helmet is a ET64 with lot number 3670. The helmet features its original Kriegsmarine decals, of which one was painted over. The helmet was spray painted in a grey paint, inside and out. The helmet still retains its original liner with the name Seckel. Inside the helmet, under the leather the dome stamp still retains visible and there is another name, in pencil inside the dome. The chinstrap is original to the helmet and is Kriegsmarine marked too. The KM decal has the thin black border around the eagle and the swastika and was masked during the grey repaint. The decal has a strong, deep golden tint as would be expected of a KM helmet.

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