Shoulder straps ID disc for Infanterie Regiment 19


A nice small grouping consisting of a Erkennungsmarke and a pair of shoulderstraps for Infanterie Regiment 19. The shoulderstraps are of the private purchase type and have minor mothing. The Erkennungsmarke is marked 2. J.R. 19 indicating 2. Kompanie Infanterie Regiment 19. Infanterie regiment 19 played a vital role in the 1939 campaign pushing into Poland. The 10th of may 1940 it was the first unit to breach to Juliana Kanaal fortifications in the Netherlands and pushed onwards to the Scheldt. After the 1940 campaign it was sent to the eastern front and saw actions right until the end of the war. The low number and the abbreviation “J.R.” on the aluminum Erkennungsmarke indicates a pre war manufacture. Most probably the Feldwebel that wore these went through the war from the start to end!

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