Rare carbon overprint zeltbahn


A very rare “Carbon Overprint” zeltbahn in very used condition. The zeltbahn still retains its nice and vibrant colours. It has two small repairs an is missing one grommet. It’s complete with most if not all the originally sewn buttons. After the capitulation of the Italian army in 1943 their camouflage printing rollers and uniform/equipment stocks where captured and brought back to Germany. It was then that the first Zeltbahnen of captured Italian camouflage material (Telo Mimetico) where produced. Also some experiments where done combining Telo Mimetico with Splittertarnmuster. This is known to collectors as carbon overprint and consists of a base of the brown base colour Telo Mimetico printed in carbon ink overprinted with Splittertarnmuster. This is a extremely rare variation intended to camouflage against infrared light.

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