Pioneer saw in good condition


A very nice original Pioneer saw marked Ewald Cleff, Solingen on the saw and fuq 1944 on the sheath. The teeth are in good condition and imo one would still be able to use this saw. The wooden handle has a few bits missing but this is common with all of these that I’ve seen so far.

A nice pioneer saw in good condition!

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The German Pioniertruppen or Pioneer troops where equipped to accomplish many different tasks. Where it laying mines, building (or demolishing) bridges, removing obstacles or constructing earth re-inforcments; the Pioneer troops carried all sorts of necessary equipment. They had a variety of different tools such as long spades, saws, explosives, detonators, and wire cutters.

The Pioniersäge was equipped with a scabbard that was produced from leather until 1940. After that the first Presstoff or artificial leather pouches came around. The scabbard was issued with a leather bayonet loop halfway down the scabbard. The scabbard features multiple reinforcements to keep the sharp saw from damaging it. On the top of the scabbard a narrow slit is placed which leads into a short metal inner sleeve and on the bottom of the scabbard a metal end piece. The belt loop on the top of the scabbard is made out of leather just as the bayonet loop, regardless what the main material of the scabbard is. The saw is featured with a wooden handle which nearly always has a missing piece at the exact same spot (See picture 5 on the left side of the handle).

Type of tool: Pioniersäge or pioneer saw
Markings: Ewald Cleff, Solingen on the saw. fuq 1944 on the sheath.
Maker: Ewald Cleff, Solingen
Year: 1944
Materials: Presstoff and leather