Nahkampspange document grouping to (Pz) Pionier Wilhelm Hauber


Excellent large document grouping to Unteroffizier Wilhelm Hauber, serving in Pionier Battalion 666 and Panzer Pionier Abteilung 57. Hauber was a well decorated man with 7(!) award documents to his name. The grouping consists of documents for the Nahkampfspange in Bronze signed by Poibie, Eiserne Kreuz 1. Klasse signed by Otto von KnobelsdorffEiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse signed by General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis, Sturmabzeichen signed by General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis, Die Medaille Winterschlacht im osten signed by Lugel, Verwundetenabzeichen im Silber, Verwundetenabzeichen im Schwarz signed by Poibie. Of these signatures General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis and Otto von Knobelsdorff were both Ritterkreuzträger. The group also comes with his Hauber’s Schiessbuch. Nice and attractive grouping that would leave lots of possibilities for further research!

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