M43 drillich tunic for a Obergefreiter in untouched condition


A very nice M43 field tunic made from HBT linnen or Drillich. It comes with its original factory applied Litzen and breast eagle. The Obergefreiter rank insignia is original to the tunic and a nice hbt type. The jacket is a nice medium size and marked  0/0150/0041 which refers to the maker M. Michovius, Uniformfabrik, Cottbus. The jacket has been worn in the field and still has dirt in the pockets and stains on the elbows and the back. On the back is a small hole and a red stain which imo is paint. The jacket was found in a Belgian hospital around 20 years ago together with 3 other identical HBT m43 tunics from the same maker with the same insignia configuration.

A nice untouched tunic in very good condition!

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