M36 NCO Infantry Oberfeldwebel Infanterie Regiment 76 blouse


Stunning untouched Feldbluse for a Oberfeldwebel in Infanterie Regiment 76. The field blouse retains all of its wartime sewn insignia. A breast eagle, machine sewn through the outer wool, flipped and handsewn at the bottom. The kragenlitzen and Unteroffizierstresse are nicely machine sewn. The left breast pocket features three wartime sewn award loops. The shoulderstraps are of the private purchase type and feature cyphers for Infantry Regiment 76 which in 1940 fought in Poland, Holland and France. Later to be renamed to Panzergrenadier Regiment 76 and to remain fighting in the east until the end of the war. The Feldbluse has some moth damage here and there but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a true M36 in untouched, unshortened or modified condition. Very hard to find original M36 field blouse with loads of character!

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