Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap named Uffz. Heinrich Schnuer KIA over U.K.


A nice Luftwaffe EM/NCO visor cap worn by Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Heinrich Schnuer. The cap is slightly moth damaged to the crown but otherwise in great condition. The cap comes together with a framed wartime picture of what is said to be Heinrich Schnuer and a picture of his grave today.

This cap belonged to Uffz.(Unteroffizier) Heinrich Schnuerborn 11.3.1923 in Ilsenburg and lost his life in the night of 24.4.1944 over Dorset, United Kingdom.

On this night the KG 2 or Kampf Geschwader 2 was on a bombing mission to Bristol, UK.
117 bombers from IX Fliegerkorps were to take part in this mission.
4 aircraft were lost from KG 2.
Schnuer was acting as observer in Ju 188 E1 “U5+GH”, Werk Nr. 180414 with 1 Staffel, I Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 2.

Their plane was shot down by 3.7 inch AA guns and was was seen to crash at 02:30 in Arne, Dorset, UK.

Heinrich Schnuer is buried in the cemetery of Warehem, United Kingdom. Position of the grave is block B, row O and grave 35.

A nice named and ID’ed visor cap with a interesting history!

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