Large medical canteen (Labeflasche) marked W.A.L. 43 and RB-Nr. 0/0656/0005


A rare late war large medical canteen marked W.A.L. 43 indicating production by Westfalische Aluminium Industrie, Junger & Co., Lüdenscheid and RB-Nr. 0/0656/0005 indicating Deutsche Lederwerkstätten GmbH, Pirmasens. The canteen is complete with all straps and in very good condition. The leather on this canteen is so called pigskin and has one dry spot on the strap but unless you intend to start using it every day it should not be a problem. The stitching halfway on the strap is also interesting. Due to material shortages later in the war there was a shortage of long strips of leather. Hence the strap was made out of two separate scraps. This is not a repair! A rare and flawless medical canteen in very good condition.

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