Grossdeutschland grouping with Cufftitle and medals to Herbert Rihm


Exceptional Grossdeutschland grouping! Herbert Rihm was born 1st of November 1924 in Mannheim. He had a evangelical upbringing and attended evening school. He received the medical examination on the 23rd of Febuary 1942 and was deemed fit for military service on the 30th of May 1942. He received training with the 98K and MG34. The 5th of Febuary 1943 he enlisted in the Stammkompanie Grenadier Ersatz Battalion 107. The 1st of March 1943 he transferred to 6. (M.G.) Ausb. Kemp. Gren. Ers. Regt. (mot) Grossdeutschland. The 26th of July 1943 he transferred to II. Gren. Ers. Rgt. (mot) Grossdeutschland. The 13th of August 1943 he transferred to 9.(M.G.) Füs. Rgt. Grossdeutschland and finally on the 15th of December 1943 to II. Gen. Kp. Pz. Gren. Ers. Rgt. G.D.
He received both the black and silver Verwundetenabzeichen, the close combat clasp or Nahkampfspange, Ostmedaille, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Bronze, Eisernes Kreuz II klasse and last but not least the 4th pattern Grossdeutschland cuff title.

He was wounded on the 14th of December 1943 and afterwards send back home to recover. He never re-enlisted and survived the war. The grouping, as shown was sold by the veteran to a collector on a Veterantreffen in Germany. The grouping consists of all shown attributes and would be very hard to upgrade.

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