Double decal apple green M38 paratrooper helmet in good used condition


A stunning, apple green double decal M38 Fallschirmjäger helmet. This helmet is a rare early war example complete with original liner and straps. The Liner is nicely marked LBA 38 indicating this helmet was one of the first produced. The shell is marked ET66 indicating production by Eisenhüttenwerke, Thale. The decals are both still originally to the helmet. The Eagle decal is very worn, leaving most of the worn off. The National three colour decal has been retouched partionally, probably due to the heavy wear. The apple green paint still retains on 75% of the helmet. The Chinstrap is still originally mounted to the helmet and is in the full length. The adjustment buckle is missing however. A very rare, pre war M38 Fallschirmjäger helmet as used during operation Fall Gelb!

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