Deactivated ar43 K98 rifle made by Mauser


A beautiful k98 made by Mauser AG, Oberndorf. Unlike many others this one has not been re-issued postwar in other countries. It is not reblued, rechambered or restamped. It is in original condition and comes complete with the original strap. The k98 is completely matching but the stock. This was often taken of for maintenance and since this was often done in groups it is a common thing to see these mismatch to the rest of the rifle. The K98 is complete with all the accecoiries one would encounter on these rifles. A sight hood, cleaning rod, sling and barrel cap are all together with the rifle. Other then the stock it is completely numbered 3826. Finding a K98 that did not have a postwar army life without alterations these days is very hard. Nowadays most K98’s on the market have been tampered with. This would make a great addition to any German display!

This rifle has been deactivated according to the Dutch law and can only be purchased by Dutch citizens older then 18 years of age. It comes with the original certificate of deactivation.

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