Complete pre war EM34 Carl Zeiss Range Finder


A complete pre war EM34 or Entfernungsmesser 34 in complete condition. These where issued with all sorts of artillery pieces and machine guns. They where used to zero in these heavy weapons to shoot accurately on long distances. The range finder comes complete with all the accessories it should have and is expected to be issued with. All carrying straps, slings, covers and even the adjustment tool are there. The optics are clear and give a nice 11 times magnification. The set is still in this pristine condition because it after the war it was reissued and kept in a Norwegian army depot. It has always been stored well! The set is complete with tripod and cover, range finder and cover and the Justierlatte and its rare to find cover. It is hard to find a complete range finder as they are often incomplete.

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